FD4 Waste Disposal Unit

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Simple and efficient disposal of food waste in the kitchen, whilst maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, is
of major importance to all caterers.

The comprehensive range of Hobart Waste Disposers ensures that food waste is disposed of quickly and
effectively, eliminating any risk of smells or cross contamination from waste or swill bins, and creating a cleaner
and more hygienic kitchen environment.


• Bulk cutting
• Primary cutting
• Secondary cutting
• Grinding
The robustness of the Hobart design allows food preparation and plate waste i.e. vegetable peelings,
small bones etc. to be ground up effortlessly and flushed to waste.

• Interlocked safety cover (trough units include kit only) – prevents
access to grinding unit whilst machine is running.
• Water feed goose neck – flushing action takes food waste into the
running cutters.
Provides class ‘A’ air break for connection direct to
mains water supply.
• Reversing starter – provides dual direction grinding which extends
the life of the cutters.
Allows quick and easy dislodging of blockages.
• Solenoid valve and water restrictor valve – automatically controls
water flow and reduces water wastage.
• Wide range of models from 0.75 to 3HP to suit small, medium and
large operations.
• Economical to use with low running costs.
• Robust heavy duty design and construction.
• Powerful cutting and grinding action.
• Reduced waste handling and collection costs.
• Compact size requiring minimal clearance & floor space.

Hobart from DCE Commercial Catering Engineers