An update on DCE Covid19 procedures

As many of our school sites prepare to re-open for the new term, we wanted to give you an update regarding our covid19 procedures and reassure you that we continue to minimise risk by operating safely and responsibly.

All our Staff/Engineers have been briefed on the latest Government/HSE guidelines on Covid19 workplace procedures and will continue to be briefed of any changes as they occur.

When attending sites all our Engineers will be equipped with full PPE Protection. They will always sanitise before entering your site and again repeatedly during their time at your premises whilst fully observing social distancing measures. We understand that our Engineers may be subjected to your site-specific procedures during checking in at Reception. We are completely willing to comply with any procedures you have in place.

A complete set of Covid19 RAMS will also be available from our Helpdesk

We hope you all Stay Safe and Thank You for your Custom